Welcome to Sanwa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Sanwa Kasei is a blending manufacturer of lubricant oil. Since being established in 1947, Sanwa has devoted itself to its mission to provide high quality lubricants to customers. Such lubricants are important national products" indispensable in every kind of industry and even for household use. Sanwa Kasei has two plants: the Shin-Tokyo plant in Yokohama , and the Shizuoka plant at the mouth of the river Ooi. The latter has giant storage tanks and a dock for receiving base materials, and is particularly suited to large-scale oil manufacturing. The Shin-Tokyo plant is brand new and designed for small lot blending, handling a variety of products. Both plants are operated under a highly advanced quality control system, which enables Sanwa Kasei to supply products with reliable and strictly specified quality. This quality control system has received ISO 9001 and 14001 certification and the approval of JIS, the Defense Agency, and numerous industry experts. The quality requirements for lubricants have been enhanced and diversified to meet the needs of modern technology. Sanwa Kasei continues to meet customers' needs through ongoing market research, a distinctive quality-conscious philosophy of research and development, and relentless improvements in production technology. The company is also conscious of energy saving technology and environmental protection, and meets strict goals through design and process changes and improvements in efficiency to save materials.